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Do you think that storage space in the
kitchen should be used to a maximum?

That no one should ever have to crawl into the back of a cabinet again?
That you should always have everything in the kitchen within easy reach?
That there are surprising solutions that are beautifully designed and make life more comfortable?

That all your customers should be able to enjoy their kitchen with products that are not only easy to use, but also easy for you to install?

Then you’ve come to the right place

“Thanks to the installation templates and videos provided by Vauth-Sagel, I always come straight to the result I want: My customers enjoy the newly gained comfort in their kitchen and will be happy for the rest of their lives with the high-quality products made in Germany.”

John F., Carpenter


With high quality storage solutions made in Germany. We offer you space-saving solutions for all types of kitchen cabinets that will make your everyday life easier.

VS COR® Corner Solutions


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VS SUB® Base Cabinet Solutions


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VS TAL® Pantry Solutions


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VS ENVI® Waste Bin Systems


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VS COR® – Corner solutions

For us a corner cabinet is not simply a cabinet placed in a corner. We have developed corner cabinet solutions that not only optimally utilise angled spaces, but instead put the corner right in the centre of the kitchen experience. As a result, we open up unseen perspectives in the kitchen and allow people to experience space in a new way.


The finest solution for getting the most out  of every corner.

What is it that you want when you open a corner cabinet? You certainly don’t want to have to crawl into it. Or to have the tray slide out towards you blocking the neighboring cabinet.

We could imagine that you want CORNERSTONE® MAXX. The innovative system delivers all of the contents to you directly in front of the cabinet, without blocking the neighboring one. The perfect solution for having a clear view, easy access and tidy storage. The CORNERSTONE® MAXX with its aesthetic appeal and functional design has won multiple awards.


The corner in the centre.

A CORNERSTONE® Swing carousel moves the entire content in front of the unit, thereby unlocking completely new design perspectives.

The trays swivel out to a comfortable distance away from the cabinet; everything is within easy reach. Each shelf can be attached at the required height, and the trays disappear back inside the unit when the door is closed.

VS COR® Flex

Access to every corner.

Even the largest storage space is useless if it’s not accessible. That’s why this system enables full access to the cabinet contents, transforming every corner into functional space.

Installation is unhanded: the frame is mounted to the bottom of the corner cabinet.

VS COR® Wheel Pro

Everything revolves around you.

When it comes to kitchen corners, the more accessible storage space, the better. That’s why this corner cabinet solution has no space consuming central standpipe so allows you 20% more storage area – ideal for bulky kitchenware.

The trays are held in place with a hidden support arm which is both more aesthetically pleasing and allows use in under-sink cabinets.

VS SUB® – Base Cabinet Solutions

The base cabinet is the fundament of every kitchen. After all, what happens under the worktop is as important as what happens on top. Whether food or cooking utensils, cutlery or dishes, whether for a small student’s flat or a trendy loft – our base cabinet solution VS SUB® Side is intelligent, versatile and flexible in order to make every day life easier.

VS SUB® Side

Always at your side.

The demands in the kitchen change at a rapid pace. The traditional system that fits into any space has been redeveloped in terms of design and functionality. The basic pull-out, which fits into any space, is an unbeatable bestseller.

VS TAL® – Pantry Solutions

An elegant pantry pull-out is the gateway to a good kitchen life.
As a storage cabinet for food or as a practical storage option for kitchen utensils, our VS TAL® Pantry significantly contributes to improved working efficiency and an increased quality of life.

VS TAL® Pantry

Your stockpile of accessible storage space.

Every kitchen needs a little elegance. The front opens and shuts easily and silently due to the damping and self closing mechanism of the full extension runners. The frame and the front connections are designed in a high-quality, double powder-coated surface.

VS ENVI® – Waste Bin Systems

Dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils and food share storage space in the kitchen. But waste needs space, too.
Thanks to various volumes, our space-saving systems offer the optimal solution. The containers are made from high quality plastic and are especially easy to clean.


Nice and stable from the ground up.

This basic model of a bottom-mounted waste bin system is well thought out from the ground up. The resulting convenience makes daily waste handling nothing to worry about.

With silent closing due to integrated soft-closing and a device that prevents the bins from wobbling when they are opened and closed, VS ENVI® BMT Saphir is definitely much too good to hide in a cabinet.

VS ENVI® BMT Planero

Preferably customized on the inside.

There’s no point; no one looks in there. But from now on, they will, as there has never before been such individuality in the design of waste bin systems. You have the option of upgrading the look of your VS ENVI® BMT Planero with side panels with an elegant walnut or classic maple decor. If that is still not enough for you, you can even go one further and get your own panel made with a decor of your choice. This opens up exciting possibilities for adapting the interior to the appearance of the kitchen or for constantly trying out something new.


A big help in a small cabinet.

Waste disposal is a big topic even in a small kitchen. Thanks to this solution, though, it’s not a big problem.

Equipped with a guide system, self-closure and shock absorption, it accommodates large containers even in small kitchen cabinets. The system can be used directly under the counter top, enabling easy input of waste, directly from the work surface. 


Kick to open.

A system for a soft and comfortable opening of all front pull-outs such as the VS ENVI® Space XX. The ergonomically designed step opens the waste bin system fully with little effort. The opening mechanism returns automatically to its starting position.

Are you ready for more comfort?

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